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Sorry, we don't have a complete English translation for our site, but let me introduce ourselves in a few sentences.

We develop software to give an integrated business solution to our partners. Our product - the infoMátrix - is a specialized software for vechicle dealerships of all kind. Should you deal with bikes, cars, trucks, boats, ships or aeroplanes, infoMátrix is for you! Our solution extends to all parts of your business: tradeing vechicles, repairing, parts stocking, billing, accounting, marketing, costumer relationship management and more.

InfoMátrix is widely spread in Hungary, thousands of vechicles are sold in a year using this software. It is developed solely to the Windows platform and requires the presence of and MS-SQL 2000 database engine.

For any further information feel free to contact us. Thank you for your attention!

Mr Zoltán Szombathelyi

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